System Procedures

This unit contains functions to process system procedures like Write, Writeln, Assign, Dispose, Delete, etc.

Processing System Procedures

All Turbo Pascal system procedures are processed by this function.

System Procedure New

This function processes system procedure New. It uses a common procedure for New as function and procedure.

System Procedures Write and WriteLn

This function processes system procedures Write and Writeln.

System Procedures Read and ReadLn

This procedure processes system procedures Read and Readln.

System Procedure Dispose

This function processes system procedure Dispose.

System Procedures Mark and Release

This function processes system procedures Mark and Release.

System Procedures Insert and Delete

These functions process system procedures Insert and Delete.

System Procedures Close, Seek, Erase, Rename and Truncate

These functions process system procedures Close, Seek, Erase and Rename.

System Procedure Assign

This function processes system procedure Assign.

System Procedures Reset, Rewrite and SetTextBuf

This function processes system procedures Reset and Rewrite.
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